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  • AFAANZ Research Grant - Role of risk-adjusted returns metrics in retirement choices.

  • UQ Research Fellowship - Portfolio optimization and risk management techniques for financial crises.


  • UQ Graduate School International Travel Award (Funding Visiting Scholar position in the UK).


  • Best paper in Finance’ at the 4th International Accounting & Finance Doctoral Symposium (IAFDS), Salamanca, Spain.

  • 3MT Presentation Winner (UQ Faculty of Business, Economics & Law).

  • 3MT People’s Choice Award (UQ Faculty of Business, Economics & Law).


  • Australian Postgraduate Award Industry Scholarship (APAI) with Tactical Global Management. with the University of Queensland (UQ).


  • Certificate of Appreciation for participating in EBI R400 Beta Site-Release (Honeywell Software Centre).


  • Honeywell Technical Excellence Champion Award (Asia-Pacific).

  • Honeywell Bravo Award.


  • Meridian Award for Final Year Engineer projects (Design & Implementation, University of Melbourne).


  • Melbourne Abroad Scholarship (Melbourne Abroad, University of Melbourne).

  • North American Exchange Scholarship (Faculty of Engineering, University of Melbourne).